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It is called passive fire protection to all measures which are arranged in buildings to protect them from fire. Generally, with them it is to get three purposes:

1) Save Lives

2) Minimizing economic losses caused by fire

3) Get building activities can be resumed within shortest time possible


Protect and save human lives is usually the sole purpose of the regulations of the various states each nation establishes the minimum required to have their citizens.

In some countries, insurance companies actively involved lowering the policies are the more appropriate means. Fire fundamental measures can be classified into two types:

Passive measures: It is measures affecting the project or the building, first facilitating the evacuation of users present in case of fire through roads (corridors and stairways) of sufficient amplitude, and secondly slowing and confining action the fire so that it does not extend very quickly or stand before invading other areas.

Active measures: Basically the firefighting facilities.



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Our products are made ​​in North America and Europe.

The range of products manufactured in North America and Europe, we offer are leaders in these countries. Our main differentiating factor is the multitude of solutions we provide for fire protection in new projects, as well as rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure, facilities or buildings.

We have tools that allow our designers to design better and gets costs much tighter.

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